Counterfeit Currency Detector

Test The Ink Not The Paper!

Counterfeit Buster Pen


Wonderful product, recommended to my business by my bank. No more bad bills

Mark D.

I have lost money due to counterfeit bills. These bills passed most pens however they do not past this one. It easily shows you its counterfeit when the bill decades before your eyes. They will bay for themselves when you catch the first bill. Thank you so much for them

Sheila B.

Great product... fast shipping

Pam M.

I guess its working… hoping to resale a few to other vendors at the flea market I sell in. 
I was standing in bank line, when the teller told another customer that she had a bad bill…. they talked about the pen. I stuck my nose in and said the pen doesn't work because they wash the bills and its real currency… I was corrected that this new pen

 SMEARS the ink on counterfeit bills… haven't had any yet. 

Stephanie T.

Great product. Works suberbly!!!

Amy M.

Good quality pen. Fast shipping.

Scott P.

I think it's a helpful product. Thank you.

Mary C.

Works great!

Diana P.

Counterfeit Detector

With increasing number of counterfeit nowadays, having knowledge on how to effectively differentiate the legitimate paper bill over the fake one is very important not only for money security but to lessen the number of counterfeit money. However, having skills in identifying fake paper bill is not enough. Thus, you need one effective anti-counterfeiting tool that will help you in solving your problem and that it with the use of a counterfeit detector, which is specifically designed only for a single purpose and that is to detect counterfeit and the legitimate paper bill.

For sure, you are not yet familiar with this kind of device. Actually the purpose of this device is just  the same with counterfeit pen, even though they are both use to detect counterfeit currency, they are different in terms of how it is used and how it works.

A counterfeit detector is not a pen for anti-counterfeiting but it is a device that used to detects whether a banknote or paper money is an official currency or only a genuine one.  Actually, banknotes have security features or strip that are being made or designed to make counterfeiting more difficult.  Thus, when examined by the bank, they can easily determine if the paper currency is not made of the legitimate one. On the other hand, such security features embedded in the paper money is one way of the bank to secure that counterfeiter might find it difficult to reproduce the original.

If in case, there is counterfeit money that passed into the eyes of the bank, it is therefore very easy to verify it, especially with the use of a counterfeit detector. As you know, this kind of device uses one or many counterfeit detections in verifying the security strip features of bank notes that is embedded into the paper currency. This counterfeit detection is one of many features that verify whether a paper money has or has not embedded with the specific bank security feature. For instance, UV marks that are printed on the banknotes. UV counterfeit detection is a feature that may verify whether UV marks are presented or not on the banknotes and if in case the feature is not present, then it is concluded that the banknote is a counterfeit.

The more counterfeit detections that kind of counterfeit has, the more accurate and effective it will be in verifying a banknote security features. Therefore, if you are on your way purchasing counterfeit detector, it is more better and great option to choose the more expensive one because of it has more counterfeit detection features than the cheap one. Having the most advanced devices does not only ensure and verify correct security features but it also ensures that your money is worth it from having the device. Knowing the real bank note features will not only ensures your business but also ensures that your money is free from counterfeit.  With the effective use of counterfeit detector, real security features of the paper money can now be easily identified as well as verified, giving you a chance to keep your business away from counterfeiters.

This new "Third Generation" Counterfeit Bill Detector Pen created "Sure 'N Fast"(a division of Clarence J.Venne,LLC detects counterfeit inks on washed or bleached treasury paper bills and other types of paper which counterfeiters are currently using, including coated bill! Simply remove the cap from the Sure 'N Fast"Counterfeit Buster"Detector Pen,lightly press down on the applicator and rub the applicator over the black round "Untied States Treasury Reserve System" seal on the front left side of tany paper currency bill several times and you can tell if the currency is real or counterfeit. If the paper currency bill fray as well. No clean up of applicator is necessary. The Sure 'N Fast "Counterfeit Buster" Detector Pen is good for testing over 4,000 bills! The New Sure 'N Fast "Counterfeit Buster"Detector Pen is economical and easy to use. The applicator will not dry out even if you lose the cover, it is non-toxic, and is effective on most all paper counterfeit bills currently in circulation. Sure 'N Fast "Counterfeit Buster"Detector Pen is highly accurate and substantially more effective than the current counterfeit detector pens. Protect yourself and your business today!​ ​